I Heard He’s an A**Hole: Works by Cleveland Dean

One of the dopest artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. His works are amazing so you should find yourself at the event below…


A retrospective from the past five years of work by Cleveland Dean. Dean’s work is easily understood in the tradition of expressionism but is better viewed as both a subjective and objective expression of power, politic and energy. His images are a sweeping battle of the subconscious, they are deeply subjective and full of movement.

This celebration intends to acknowledge Dean’s public image, notoriously reminiscent of Kanye West, and we’re not simply speaking of the bling. Dean’s dedication to his work is more a grappling with and love for the moment, a love of work, than it is concerned with his notoriety. This particular body aims to acknowledge and move beyond this duality, bringing into focus this single conversation.

Perhaps outside the general grain of contemporary dialogue, Dean’s work is brutally, unwaveringly honest. “My attitude is Hip Hop, my demeanor is Jazz and my soul is House. I paint my pieces with my soul.” That soul is undoubtedly prolific, and as such, it is a constant invitation. Dean understands his practice in the spirit of these totalities: he lays bare his self on the wall, and invites you to do the same.

I HEARD HE’S AN A**HOLE will be open to the public for one night only, February 19th, from 6PM – 1OPM at 1643 N Milwaukee. Afterparty is at Lokal, 1904 W North ave. Curated by Claire Molek of the Studio 1020, sponsored by Stammich Management.

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